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Mor(e) Life Health Initiative

This was a three-day event that surrounded how the foods you eat influence your body's energy level. Dr. Lamar Price was the speaker for two days. We finished the event up by having a group workout session at the CAU workout room.

Mission: The Mission of this program is to offer knowledge to the AUC school and community to educate them on the importance of eating healthy and working out regularly.

Our Focus

To explain how the foods you eat and exercising have a tremendous impact on how you feel. This session will help you understand how food affects you and will provide strategies for getting more energy. Food and Energy can impact your level of success, as food influences mood and energy and even your ability to communicate effectively.


Charity Events

Canned food Drive (1300 Cans collected)

We hosted an event to bring awareness to hungry and homelessness. The admission was to donate four canned goods or nonperishable items or pay 20 dollars. In the end, we raised 1300 canned goods. We gave 70% of the cans to the Atlanta Food Bank and the other 30% to the House Of Hope Atlanta.

● Clothing/ School Supply Drive (It's On The House)

We hosted an event to bring awareness to education and homelessness. The admission was to donate new school supplies or gently worn clothes. The clothes were donated to the Bonner Scholar program at Morehouse College, for their annual project " It's On the House." The school supplies were donated to M. Agnes Jones Elementary in Atlanta, Ga.


Operation Summer Exposure

This Project came from wanting to share the experience of summer camp, that changed my life."

“One summer, I was blessed by an anonymous individual with a trip to summer camp, and have since become a lifelong lover of the experience.”

The ultimate goal of the program was to expose a group of young men between the ages of 10-12 to their first summer camp experience. The young men were challenged daily to create meaningful relationships and were exposed to an array of self-enriching activities. The program works by pushing them out of their comfort zones while simultaneously motivating them to become more confident in themselves.


Exposure Retreat

The Exposure retreat is a four-day weekend retreat lead by River J. Lewis in partnership with a group of talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The retreat took place January 18- 21, 2019.

Operation Exposure brought 10 young men between the ages of 12 and 14 to participate in the program. The young men came from two different areas, including Atlanta, GA, and the Rowan/Cabarrus counties of NC. There will be nine leaders/entrepreneurs in attendance during the retreat held in New Tazewell, TN.

Our Mission

to charge the scholars with taking the necessary steps towards securing productive and fulfilling futures by encouraging each of them to visualize their goals and understand that their dreams are attainable. The Exposure Retreat will expose them to accomplished leaders in various professions. Our team seeks to aid the boys in discovering careers paths that will allow them to create, learn, build, and live in happiness. We are firm believers that an idea can lead to exponential success and fulfillment, but we also understand that exposure is the first step. We value the importance of being skilled in a trade, particularly for those lacking the financial resources to attend a college or university for four consecutive years.

. The sessions will be hands-on and will consist of a comprehensive outline of each profession. The boys will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn, and receive useful feedback that will assist them as they begin to plan for the working future. We also took the boys to the Cataloochee Ski Place to ski for the day.

(Entrepreneurial Mentorship Retreat) 2019